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Eliane Vigneron et Lisa Azuelos ont co-écrit What life !, une dramédie de 8 x 52 ‘ sur la “double vie” d’une femme selon un choix qu’elle fait à 25 ans…  Actuellement produit par la Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Life is not what happens to you. Life is the choices you make with what happens.

Is there a day in your life when you don’t ask yourself What if... I had taken the metro instead of that Uber stuck in the traffic? What if I did not have kids? What if I married Paul instead of Dean?

WHAT LIFE ! gives the opportunity to see at the same time three big options in a woman’s life, Lara, when she discovers she’s pregnant at age 25. The choice she makes at that particular moment will determine the rest of her life. But not ALL of it.

25 years in the life of a woman, told in the narrative of « What if? » becomes a « What life » story.